Our Edge

Our Edge


Cost Effective

Shifts capital expenditure to operational expenditure based on your business requirements.

High Availability

Hosting at our self-healing grid infrastructure, means that your business’ reliability will improve by leaps and bounds as a result the high- availability, built-in solutions that we offer. This is what traditional servers can never offer.

Dynamic Scaling & Elasticity

Enjoy fast provisioning with pre-configured resources and manage your computing resources through our intuitive self-service portal. You are also able to scale vertically (add up number of servers) and horizontally (add up CPU or memory) as your business and operational requirements grow.

Technology Agnostic Cloud

As an unbiased cloud solutions provider, we use technologies best suited to your particular needs.


Our engineers are not only highly skilled and experienced in cloud migration processes; but are equally well versed with procedures and process. This enables effective planning and provisioning to take place as well as maintenance and troubleshooting of your business’ needs.

Best of Class Data Center

Your business services will be hosted at our Tier IV data centre, which comes equipped with a multi-carrier telecommunication network, as well as a high-availability mechanical and electrical setup. Our data center is a physically and logistically secured environment to ensure your business is available and protected at all times.


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