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Deployment models

We offer a wide range of cloud services available to your business requirements..

You can choose to:

  1. Let us build your own private cloud at your business premises. Provided it is an isolated, yet scalable environment, which can be managed at the comfort of a web browser.
  2. Host your servers at our cloud infrastructure

Deployment models are varied – they can be either (shared or dedicated or hosted internally or externally). Whatever the case, they are defined by ownership and control of architectural design and degree of available customisation. Different deployment models are evaluated against three standards - cost, control, and scalability.


Cloud service models

Our comprehensive suite of cloud solutions and services are holistic, integrated and cutting edge, covering the entire life cycle of systems and products. Our solutions also help deliver better business agility, process automation, and lower capital expenditure, which are all areas of importance to corporations and enterprises.

By utilising AwanHeiTech cloud solutions, your IT budgets can be significantly reduced thus also reducing your capital expenditures, hardware refresh cycles, resource operations and maintenance expenses.

With AwanHeiTech, your business will only use the computing resources needed and therefore you only pay for the usage capacity subscribed to. When the demands for computing resources reduced, businesses scale down consumption accordingly thereby effectively shifting capital expenses to operational expenses. This results in a more cost optimised operation.



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