Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)


IaaS runs on a grid of high performance servers, sharing physical resources for running business applications. Business service provisioning automation is comprised of :-

  • Consolidation of multiple physical servers as one logical whole
  • A self service portal for creation of VM templates
  • Metering of usage parameters to enable billing
  • Auto-failover of applications
  • Auto scalability of applications

A single virtualized computing resource pool (CPU, memory and storage) is formed out of the underlying server hardwares. You can define not only virtual machines but also complex application infrastructure like firewalls, VPNs, load balancers and storage, all with nothing more than a browser.

Enterprise customers will highly benefit from this cost effective and scalable solution where the complexities and expenses of managing the underlying hardware are managed by the cloud provider. Should your business service demands additional performance, the resource allocated can be increased to the server right away, in minutes.


On-Premise Private Cloud Hosting (Virtual Private Server) - by having VPDC, applications can be run in a scalable virtualized environment. This private cloud solution supports the majority of Windows, Linux and Unix distributions and popular open-source middleware applications (Apache, MySQL, JBoss, SugarCRM, etc.).

  • Offers 'Virtual Co-location', a dedicated, secure environment with high levels of security and privacy
  • Allows businesses to retain granular control of IT infrastructure with fast migration between development, testing, QA, and production environments
  • Allows rapid deployment of new products and services to market
  • Provides businesses with multiple operating system options as well as the choice to select and change controls and processes via a portal, from a few instances to a very large instance to fit all IT requirements

Off-Premise Private Cloud Hosting - We offer automatic, high availability cloud Virtual Private Server (VPS) provisioning and flexible resource assignment via our self-service portal. You can further select and launch VPS instances upon the provision.


  • Scalability - resource scaling is available upon demand hence there is no delay in expanding capacity or wastage of unused capacity.
  • No dependency on specific hardware - Applications provisioned are self contained, scalable and portable. Hence they can easily be copied and run within our cloud.
  • Location independence - the service can be accessed from any browser anywhere in the world.
  • No single point of failure - Storage, networks, compute resources and the control node are all highly available and the system can recover from the failure of any single element without human intervention.


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