Storage As A Service (STaaS)


Our Cloud Storage offering provides you with the flexibility to subscribe to on demand storage space as additional capacity for IaaS, or an off-site production server backup copy. The concept of a subscription based pay-per-use model makes this cloud service an absolute essential, especially for businesses that require tremendous data growth. This cloud solution is also useful for existing businesses, which are looking for an off-site backup storage service, as backup data in the event of a disaster.


  • Support NFS, iSCSI, CIFS and HTTP-based Representational State Transfer (REST) protocols to fulfill your diverse storage requirements.
  • Backs-up your data on the production server and restores when necessary. Should you encounter data loss or corruption at any time, restoration is readily available.


  • Affordable storage - you only pay for the storage you need. We provide a fully-managed cloud storage service that monitors and maintains your data at the data center so you have no additional costs, or management issues, and can concentrate on your business.
  • Fast storage provisioning time - you can deploy storage rapidly. Storage is made available at a fraction of the time that conventional storage provisioning takes.
  • Increased data protection - by enabling advanced data protection technologies, we can backup and archive your critical business data more cost-effectively and at a lower level of complexity. We can deliver backup, high availability, disaster recovery and security directly from our storage solution.
  • High availability - We ensure 99.7% storage availability, with advanced data protection technologies to ensure that your data and applications are available whenever you need them.


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