Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS)


Our Disaster Recovery services comprises of Storage as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service. Our DRaaS Solution provides faster recovery, reduces data loss and improves server recovery reliability by leveraging automation and cloud infrastructure. Flexible remote server recovery packages support virtualized and non-virtualized server environments in a subscription-based pricing model.

We will have your business backed up and running at a fraction of the time it takes with conventional approaches. The DR site will be setup identical to the Primary site in terms of compute computing of resources and storage. Infinite incremental backup is performed to the central storage, hence thereby reducing the impact of resources impact on the individual virtual machine during the backup process.

The service caters for those who want to keep their production servers, storage and applications in house with the protection and peace of mind of an offsite backup and disaster recovery service in our secure infrastructure. Our Disaster Recovery Service enables businesses to:

  • Enhance their availability and up-time with rapid backup to one of our secure offsite facilities
  • Shorten Recovery Time Objective (RTO), for business-critical applications and data
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), saving staff time by automating backups and replication
  • Access fully managed recovery services to reduce 'risk and support' compliance


  • Flexible replication options allow you to continually replicate critical servers (whether physical or virtual) into our cloud, leveraging host-based replication or storage-based replication for you. Point-in-time Full Server restores with every recovery point in a single restore process.
  • The existing baseline backup transfer to the DR site uses an offline method and does not impact the utilization of available bandwidth. Upon DR declaration, the DR site can quickly bring up virtual machines and activate the services in the shortest possible time frame.


  • Uninterrupted service – Your business continuity is enabled, with defined SLA for both the primary and DR site.
  • Minimum downtime - Our cloud DR site can be brought online within a fraction of time compared to the traditional physical DR site.
  • Low monthly costs – This is made possible as all your DR servers and storage devices are managed and maintained at our cloud platform, hence lowering your IT costs and reducing failure impacts at your DR site.
  • Virtualization factor – Hardware dependencies are eliminated, potentially reducing hardware requirements at your DR site. Recovery time after a disaster is also reduced, due to VM start up automation.


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